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  • how to make an ebook

    how to make an ebook

    To create an ebook, you can follow these steps: What is an ebook An ebook is a digital or electronic version of a traditional book that can be read on a computer, tablet, or mobile device . It consists of text, images, or both, and is designed to be read on a flat-panel display . Ebooks are non-editable, reflowable books that…

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  • Meet the Wind Tree – A New Technology

    Meet the Wind Tree – A New Technology

    The two basic issues with wind turbines are that they are obtrusive, imposing buildings and that they are ineffective in light breezes. What if a turbine had a tree-like appearance and could operate in light winds? A few blocks away from where the world’s leaders were negotiating the momentous COP21 climate change agreement in December…

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