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  • Persian gulf a brief knowledge

    Persian gulf a brief knowledge

    Persian gulf: Persian Gulf, Arabic Bar Faris, Persian Khaleej-e-Fars, also known as Arabian Gulf, is the shallow marginal sea of the Indian Ocean that lies between the Arabian Peninsula and southwestern Iran. The area of the sea is about 93,000 square miles (241,000 km). History of Persian Gulf : The Persian Gulf has a rich…

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  • Shankaracharya?


    Why is Adi Shankaracharya famous? Adi Shankaracharya is considered the originator of the Advaita tradition. Shankaracharya has been counted among the highest philosophers not only of India but of the world. His Advaita philosophy has been considered as the philosophy of philosophy. He is considered the best in Indian religious philosophy. Who can become Shankaracharya?…

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    INTRODUCTORY NOTE THERE are sixty-four verses or Mantras in thisUpanisad, divided into three chapters each comprising oftwo Sections or Khandas. The whole book as well aseach chapter is called Mundaka, a word etymologicallydenoting a shaving razor and a person “with a shavenhead, namely, a Sannyasin or a monk. A probableexplanation for naming the Upanisad thus…

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  • Top Engineering Colleges in India 2023

    Top Engineering Colleges in India 2023

    IITs, NITS and IIITs are among the top engineering schools in India. There are almost 4,200 engineering schools in India that offer BTech courses, out of these almost 2,100 universities are private, almost 450 are government and the rest are public-private schools. Applicants can check different subtleties connected with the best engineering universities in India…

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