love Grief

love Grief – The end of Life

love Grief

As if the sentiment is on the rise
The chariot of life is the sea
The rip that will come out of here
The mind will speak of the same.

To be possible
You are sitting in an immovable mode
O woman, why do you know that
Why are you sitting here with a complete thought?

You have hands in this life.
Self-respect in your being
Do you have something to say?
First you stop, love.

The world is mine on you
I woke up in that moment
When time is not adverse
You are unapologetically disturbed
Why was it constantly snatched?

It is not stopped which is with hands
Tales of your dignity
How can I get with you?
Stay constant in every sixty.

The option which is here
I fell in love with you
Gross in this world
Why did you go with me?

Why even in such a modesty
You took care of me
The sorrow of body In My chest
Now there is no mood to live.

Why don’t you come here Gross?
To fill the juice in the living
Something new to talk about
To fight the emotion.

Seduced by your dialogues
Why do you have the strength to live?
Why are you having nausea sir?
My thirsty mind is searching
The cup in your hands.

Why are you still groping
Why do you want this mind of mine?
Looking for dialogues
Understand the pain of the heart
Tarp the Lila of Life
What happened to me
You were just hospitable.

In the last moment of life
Come on, you have some filters.
The Lamp of Your Bright Mind
Light a lamp here
In the abyss of Adhiare
Spend a few moments together.

You hold one hand of mine again
Come on, let’s take a tour
In the Depths of Life
Let’s go some distance now.

Far away is still resting that Bella.
Don’t know where to get
Play with you on the go
Resist every moment
Redeem your life.

Source- English edition by google translate

Written by- V.P.Singh

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