The Timeless Boutonniere Tradition for Men’s Style

The Timeless Boutonniere Tradition for Men’s Style

A boutonnière or Buttonhole is a floral decoration worn by men, typically placed in the buttonhole of the left lapel on a jacket. This spunky accessory sparkles up the look and feel of formal wear, hence is often opted for weddings or proms in particular. The bouttoniere, while small in stature, bears great cultural and historical significance as a symbol of elegance and grace.

History And Transformation

The history of the boutonniere goes a long way back to ancient civilizations. Thousands of years ago in Greece, men would wear flowers to chase away malevolent spirits which is incidentally today’s boutonniere species. In the 17th and even early part of the 18th century, boutonnieres were considered to be a protection against illness as well as cover any foul odors.

A century later, boutonnieres became an indispensable element of gentleman’s evening clothing. They became especially fashionable in the Victorian era where they represented chivalry and romance. In order to communicate intentionality and willingness, men would bring flowers for their dates as corsages or boutonnieres.

Modern Usage and Occasions

Today, you are more likely to see boutonnieres worn at a wedding or prom with the suits and tuxedos. The Groom, groomsmen and father of the bride/groom: Typically sported by male VIPs on their wedding day. For example, flower type is often chosen to match the bride’s bouquet for a more unified and harmonious look.

In proms, boutonnieres are also worn for adding to the sophistication of a young man’s formal attire. They are also known to appear in other private events such as galas, award ceremonies and even some military or sports occasions.

How to Pick the Right Boutonniere

Choosing the Right Boutonniere Much like any formal wear, there are a few things to think about when picking out your boutonnieres – type of event, color palate you’re working with and personal preference. Boutonnieres made with roses, carnations and orchids are the most popular options because of their durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Today boutonniere combos can be anything from succulents, herbs, and even feathers in our designs which all create a unique look and are custom designed.

The color of the boutonniere should be in coordination with the dress code. Traditional colors for formal wear include white and red, while other color options may be available to the guest during more informal gatherings. You don’t want the boutonniere to be too aggressive in comparison to the overall look rather complimenting it.

How to Wear a Boutonniere

Boutonniere Etiquette – how to wear the boutonnieres properly It is meant to be worn on the left lapel of his coat, positioned over the heart. There is a buttonhole in most jackets made for this purpose. If the jacket does not have a buttonhole, the boutonniere is attached with a safety pin instead. This is held upright and the stem should point out a small amount towards your shoulder.

Care and Maintenance

The quality of a boutonniere is fragile and needs to be properly looked after so that it can maintain its freshness. Meanwhile, they should be kept in good condition and stored in sanitary way to prevent contamination of direct set sunlight & water. I would recommend being very gentle with them or you may end up squishing the petals and damaging your blooms. Boutonnieres should be removed and disposed of safely after the function ends.

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While cute and tiny, the boutonniere is very important element in a gentleman attire. A beloved accessory for many reasons, its rich history and cultural significance to an impeccably timeless elegance on almost any occasion. A sophisticated touch From the wedding to prom, and even a formal gala — whether rented or included in an ensemble personal boutonnieres are always appreciated wine.

If men embody the real essence of why giving a woman you love flowers is so classic and timeless, then with determination in preparation through understanding it start by making sure he picks an appropriate flower chooses to wear them correctly. Therefore, the next time you get dressed up in a suit for some special event remember to add a boutonniere on your lapel — it is an accessory that makes big statements both powerful and traditional.

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