Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja – Indian Festival

Durga Pooja :

Durga Pooja is a Hindu celebration festivity of the Mother Goddess and the triumph of the fighter Goddess Durga over the evil presence Mahisasura. The celebration addresses female power as ‘Shakti’ in the Universe. It is a celebration of Good over Evil.

Durga Pooja is probably the best celebration of India. As well as being a celebration for the Hindus, it is likewise time for a get-together of loved ones, and a function of social qualities and customs.

While the services bring recognition of quick and dedication for ten days, the most recent four days of the celebration to be specific Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Vijaya-Dashami are commended with much shimmer and superbness in India, particularly in Bengal and abroad.

The Durga Pooja festivities contrast in view of the spot, customs, and convictions. Things contrast to the degree that some place the celebration is on for five days, some place it is for seven and some place it is for finished ten days. Happiness starts with ‘Shashti’ – 6th day and finishes on the ‘VijayaDashmi’ – the 10th day.

Goddess Durga was the little girl of Himalaya. She later became Sati to get hitched to Lord Shiva. It is accepted that the celebration of Durga pooja began since the time Lord Rama venerated the goddess to get an award of abilities from her to kill Ravana.

A few networks, particularly in Bengal the celebration is praised by enhancing a ‘pandal’ in the nearby locales. Certain individuals even love the goddess at home by making every one of the plans. On the last day, they additionally go for drenching the sculpture of the goddess into the blessed waterway the Ganges.

We observe Durga Pooja to respect the triumph of good over underhanded or light over dimness. Some accept one more story behind this celebration is that on this day the goddess Durga crushed the evil spirit Mahisasura.

She was called upon by the each of the three Lords – Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu to destroy the devil and save the world from his brutality. The fight happened for ten days lastly, on the 10th day, Goddess Durga wiped out the devil. We commend the 10th day as Dussehra or Vijayadashami.

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